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Gyro Rice Bowl with feta
Kalamata Pita original Chicken Cheddar Pitadilla

Rice Bowls

Chicken Cheddar Pitadilla


Curly Fries







Our Story

Scott Baker owner of Kalmata Pita with Brian Horvath from On the Street Pitas

Kalamata Pita is a story of re-birth, creativity, instinct, and love. It was 2017. It was a rough time. It was time for a change.


After 20 years in the commercial playground construction business, it was time to make a big shift. Scott was looking for something that involved continuing to work for himself and lead others toward a common goal while being creative and innovative, something that could positively contribute to our community… we were brainstorming and looking for something doable but ambitious. Suddenly, Scott had an “aha” moment. He thought of our good friend, Brian Horvath’s On the Street gyros (Ithaca, NY) and how delicious they were. The chewy pita bread, grilled meat, fresh veggies, and tasty sauces….. these sandwiches made mouths water and long lines form. He remembered the wonderful culture of fun, enjoyment, pleasure, freedom, and generosity that surrounded his friend’s food at Farmer’s Markets and festivals. Something about it felt right. 


Then the location at 47 Albany opened up a true pathway to the dream being realized. We could not pass up the possibility to buy 47 Albany and develop Kalamata Pita in this historic building right in the heart of the village of Cazenovia. We knew this was the right move. The location allowed us to have the reins on offering Kalamata Pita a permanent home, the opportunity to become an established tradition and a positive community space in our town. Kalamata Pita was also created at the perfect time for our family. Our children Ethan (age 16) and Ella (age 12) were at the perfect ages to be engaged in a family business. Chrissie is from a family that had some experience owning an Italian restaurant and she knew the love and connection derived from pouring hard work and family time into such an endeavor. Factors lined up and Kalamata Pita was born and on September 26, 2018, we opened our doors.


We are so happy to say that our children have stepped up to this challenge with reliability and enthusiasm. We are so pleased to see scores of their friends and our community members enjoy the food and atmosphere at Kalamata Pita. We have been surprised at how fast we have been able to attract regular customers, create new homemade recipes, and innovate our menu with online ordering and catering. We have established a community focus supporting many local sports teams’ fundraisers and hosting team dinners. We love being part of the village and being able to take part in the Christmas Walk, be connected to Cazenovia college students, and to provide a tasty welcome for visitors to Cazenovia Lake and the Farmer’s market. 


Bringing CNY Healthy,
Fast, and
Fresh Food With Flavor

Kalamata Pita Falafel salad with Tzatziki sauce
Kalamata Pita Chicken Cheddar Pitadilla
Avegolemono Soup


We offer Kalamata Kash gift cards and apparel such as hats, and our "Food of the Gods"  T-shirts in store. Come pick one up today!

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